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Time for Governments to Cut Waste

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

The economic impacts of COVID-19 will be far reaching, not only in Ontario as this article alludes to, but across Canada.

Governments will have three options when they eventually face the music and put forth a plan on how they intend to reduce debt. Options include; increased taxes, spending cuts or a combination of both.

I would agree with the writers of this article in that governments need to reduce the wages of their workers. No, I am not advocating for budget reductions for teachers, nurses, doctors or other front line workers. Instead, governments need to roll back mid-management employee wages and positions overall.

For reference, see Government of Alberta's website for their salary and severance disclosures . Although the data has not been updated beyond 2018, it is easy to see that amounts paid to government workers are not in line with what the private sector is paying.

It is time that we expect governments to act on our behalf, fund the programs that truly matter to our children and seniors and reduce the internal waste that has weighed our balance sheet down for decades.

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