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Open Letter to Red Deer Public School Division

October 12, 2021


Red Deer – Mountain View, AB

I recently received an email from your organization regarding new C-19 measures that the provincial government will be implementing for the schooling system in Alberta. After 19+ months, the evidence is abundantly clear:

My concerns with the new health measures:

  • No access to students if a parent hasn’t/can’t receive the mRNA treatment. (policy pending)

  • 3 cases in 5 days = 10 days of home learning. K-Grade 6 students can’t learn from home.

  • Rapid testing – did any school board in Alberta complete a cost/benefit analysis from the prior year data to determine that this is a good policy decision for 2021/22?

  • Will future medical mandates result in lost teachers and staff, further disrupting education?

As a school board, your number one goal should be the delivery of quality education for our children using our tax dollars. As parents, we are responsible and accountable for the health care decisions for our children as every child is unique and blanket mandates are ignorant of this fact.

Will you commit to advocating for in-person learning throughout the school year? Will you respect and defend parental authority as it relates to health care decisions? I hope the answer to both is yes.


Jared Pilon

Libertarian Party of Canada


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