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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Open Letter to Premier Kenney & the UCP Caucus

June 3, 2021


Red Deer – Mountain View, AB

#openforsummer states “outdoor patio dining of tables up to four people – household and close contacts” is allowed effective June 1, 2021.

Brock W. Harrison stated “Premier holds outdoor gathering of eight after outdoor gatherings of 10 permitted in Alberta.” Jessica Goodwin stated “You'll note the gathering was outdoors. I suggest you review the Stage 1 guidelines, which began yesterday.”

So which is it? Is patio dining ok with 4 people? With up to 10 people? Different households? Is it ok to have more if it’s a work function and not family or friends? Is it childish to be discussing this? Yes.

If Albertans were to go to a patio with their friends right now, would they be afforded the same opportunity as your caucus to avoid fines? What would happen to restaurant owners if they were encouraging Albertans to come to patios in numbers that exceed the four “allowed” individuals as #openforsummer states?

Referring to Travelgate in January, I stated “if politicians can freely decide to vacation in the tropics, shouldn’t small business owners be allowed to freely reopen and provide for their families?” Same line of thinking now applies to Patiogate. If the UCP caucus feels that it is safe to eat on a patio, shouldn’t the same apply for all Albertans?

Instead of demanding fines and resignations, I have a few simple requests on behalf of Albertans.

I request that the UCP caucus acknowledge that the health measures are not based on science, that the staged reopening is ending now and that you will be legislating that no Alberta government will ever again force lockdowns on us. Stop the gas lighting. Stop the charades. And let us get back to our lives.


Jared Pilon

Libertarian Party Candidate for Red Deer – Mountain View, AB

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