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Open Letter to Albertans

July 22, 2021


Red Deer – Mountain View, AB

July 1st. Canada Day. Dominion Day. Or Freedom Day as some in Alberta may now refer to it as.

While life has returned to “normal” for many, the struggle continues for thousands of Albertans.

I recently spoke with an AHS employee who works at one of the psychiatric hospitals in the province.

We exchanged stories detailing the negative impact of lockdowns on the mental health of Albertans.

She advised that wait times are now two months for those seeking to access psychiatric hospital care.

We both share the same concern. What happens in the fall when influenza season returns?

The UCP government has committed to being “open for good” but will they fold to political pressure (much like they did in December 2020) and force Albertans back into lockdown this fall?

We can’t let this happen. We can’t let the government force us, our children, our family and our friends back into isolation again. Government must take note of the real world consequences of lockdowns.

We must use the summer months to come together to share our stories. We need to provide a strong counter narrative to lockdowns which the mainstream media exclusively promotes.

If you’re struggling with mental health issues. If your business was shuttered. If your children are suffering. If your parent or grandparent was forced into isolation in a long-term care facility. We want to hear from you. We want to share your story and ensure that government never forces healthy Canadians, especially our children, into isolation again.


Jared Pilon

Libertarian Party Candidate for Red Deer – Mountain View, AB

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