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Leave our Kids Alone

Open Letter to Alberta School Board or Extracurricular Activity Organization

[Name of School Board or Organization]

At a recent stop in the Netherlands, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended a Q&A at Leiden University. I have included a link to the Q&A for your reference: During the event, the camera showed the classroom & students numerous times. To my surprise, the classroom was full and there was not a mask in sight. How could this be as public health officials across Canada continue to push mask mandates on children as young as 5?

Upon further research, Leiden University has taken a drastically different approach than schools and extracurricular activity organizations in Canada. In short, they are treating this virus as all other viruses have been treated prior to 2020. Some of the highlights include: no mask mandates, no mRNA treatment mandates, self-tests and PCR tests are not compulsory and reporting of positive test results are always voluntary. I have included a link to Leiden’s campus protocol for your reference:

With that said, I would like to know why [name of school board or organization] is taking such a drastically different approach with my child? Please provide information to support the following immediately upon receipt of this letter:

  • Trial data that has been completed by your organization or an accredited and independent scientific organization to support mask mandates for children aged 5-18.

  • Similarly, trial data to support mRNA treatment mandates for children aged 12-18. If your organization intends to implement this policy for those aged 5-11, data to support this mandate.

  • Analysis that your organization has completed to determine that you are not violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Bill of Rights, the Privacy Act, the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Criminal Code and any other legislation currently in force in Canada.

Presuming you are unable to provide the requested information, I immediately demand that you end these unscientific and divisive policies and let my [son/daughter] enjoy their childhood.

Respectfully submitted,

[Your name]

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