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It's Time to Get With the Times


Email the following to all City of Red Deer COVID-19 Committee Admin Staff, City of Red Deer Councillors and Red Deer MLAs:

Email Subject: City of Red Deer, It's Time to Revoke Your Internal Vaccine Policy

The science is settled.

Anyone can get/give the virus.

The two major cities in Alberta have moved on from their punitive and divisive policies.

City of Red Deer, it's time to get with the times and drop your employee/councillor vaccination policy and begin the healing process at City Hall and in our community.


I posted the following on YouTube on February 13, 2022 in an effort to spur discussion about The City of Red Deer's internal vaccination policy.

Short clip from the above link:

Apparently The City of Calgary and The City of Edmonton were listening (not really, just joking around) and have dropped their internal vaccination policy or are scheduled to do so in the near future.

So what is The City of Red Deer's plan regarding the policy?

Sources have told me that City admin staff are not planning to address the policy until May 2022. This is unacceptable given the facts available to us.

I would encourage The City of Red Deer to immediately review and permanently end their internal COVID-19 vaccination policy.

This is the only way to begin the healing process at City Hall and in our community.


Thank you to the City of Red Deer for dropping the mandates within taxpayer funded facilities which has allowed our kids to be kids again.

My family and I have attended the Dawe Centre on a number of occasions in recent weeks and it has been nice to see the smiling faces of fellow Red Deerians again.


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