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I Thought Unions Were Supposed to Represent the Workers?

I received the following letter from someone very close to me who is facing a medical mandate from their employer.

With their consent, I wanted to share it with you in case it might help you with your discussions with your union.

Additionally, I have sent this letter to all Alberta MLAs to ensure they are aware that they have failed (aside from Drew Barnes and Todd Loewen) in their single duty as elected officials, upholding the rights and freedoms of Albertans.

Open Letter to MLAs & Union Presidents in Alberta

[Name of union president]

As an employee of [Employer Name], I want to express grave concern over the direction the recently announced [Name of Immunization Policy] will take all members of [Union Name].

I believe the vast majority of our members do not realize the implications and rights they will be surrendering when they present either AHS immunization documentation of Covid-19 vaccination or Covid-19 rapid antigen test results. I am specifically referring to the [Manager’s Name] statement: “The policy remains in place while the pandemic is ongoing and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to reflect any changes in requirements both provincially and federally. While the policy is in effect, all staff and volunteers who are immunized must maintain full immunization status. The definition of fully immunized may evolve over time and will be reflected in our policy and communicated to all of you.”

By initially accepting either AHS immunization documentation of Covid-19 vaccination or Covid-19 rapid antigen test results, [Employer Name] has cleverly side stepped the problem of potential wrongful dismissal law suits. However, once an employee submits proof of vaccination or an antigen test result without conditions, they are immediately also agreeing to the new policy and relinquishing any legal recourse for wrongful dismissal. Should employees decide to agree with the new policies, [Employer’s Name] can now at any time require a booster shot or any number of booster shots without fear of litigation. This also will apply to any new vaccine formula that will be needed to protect against future mutations of the virus, which is likely by mid-2022 according to Ugur Sahin, CEO of BioNTech, the manufacturer of the Pfizer vaccine.

In the belief that 2 shots of the vaccine will protect us and our health care system, many [Union Name] members have had 2 Covid-19 vaccine shots. It is increasingly apparent that this is not the case. Therefore, it is imperative that the union leaders inform all members of the consequences of their choices. Union leaders must address this open ended policy with [Employer’s Name] because our bodies and what is put into them should not be part of the bargaining process.

Time is of the essence. Looking forward to your response.

Respectfully submitted,

[Your Name]

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