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Fixing CERB

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Two major reasons why the government hasn't seen expected uptake on the CEWS program and over use of the CERB:

1. Schools and day homes are either closed or have just recently opened with significant occupancy limits. Single parents or the 2nd parent in a family will have difficulties returning to the work place if they don't have affordable child care options.

2. CERB benefits are more or equal to an employee's regular wage and there is little incentive to rejoin the workforce.


1. Numerous university students are clamouring for summer jobs and work experience. Child care training could be provided to these individuals over the next couple of weeks (basic CPR, etc.). Re-open schools, have licensed care givers, along with these students provide child care services over the summer months. This will enable parents, care givers and students alike to rejoin the work force.

2. Increase the minimum amount an employee can earn while on the CERB on a sliding scale. For those earning in excess of $1,000/mth the benefit could be reduced by $250, for those earning in excess of $2,000, reduce the benefit by $500, and so on.

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