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Fight for our Kids: Step #3


Has your child been negatively impacted by poor political health policy over the past two years? Are you ready to tip the scales and change public opinion? Are you ready to be a strong voice for your children?

  1. Ask you child to write a brief hand-written impact statement.

  2. He/she can write whatever resonates most with their situation:

    1. School closures

    2. Medical mandates

    3. Masks

    4. Sports

    5. Missed time with friends/family

  3. Send their statements to me at (Feel free to take a picture and send via email, or Facebook or Instagram Messenger)

I will compile all of the statements and release on one blog post on my website.

We can then relay this post onto public health officials, City of Red Deer Councilors and Administration Staff, local MLAs and members of the UCP COVID Cabinet Committee.

Personal stories change narratives.

Thanks for fighting for freedom and for our kids!!


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