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Fight for our Kids: Step #2


  1. Look through your contact list and identify anyone you know who is/was a frontline employee with Alberta Health Services.

  2. Copy the following into a new email thread:

  3. We need your help!

  4. If you have been forced out of work due to a personal medical decision, your story must be told.

  5. If you have with suggestions on how to improve patient care and reduce the strain on the Red Deer Regional Hospital (or any Alberta hospital), we need your ideas!

  6. Please send your personal story/impact statement and any suggestions for improving patient care to

  7. Forward that email to all of your frontline AHS contacts.

In speaking with Red Deer councilors in the week of December 13-17, there is a real concern about the capacity of our hospital going forward. This problem is not simply COVID-19 related, rather is extends back many years prior to 2020.

The Alberta government and AHS management has done little to expand hospital capacity or implement innovative patient care options over the past 21 months. It is long past time to have this discussion. We can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

All personal stories/impact statements and patient care improvement suggestions will be compiled and used to further discussion with local officials in an effort to build bridges, change public opinion, provide better healthcare for Albertans and to alleviate concerns that many people have in conjunction with the ending of the REP program as it pertains to our kids.

Personal stories change narratives. Alternative solutions fix our problems.

Thanks for fighting for freedom and for our kids!!

** All information received by Jared Pilon will be verified to confirm the source, will be held in the strictest confidence and only released anonymously upon discussion with the original provider of said information. **


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