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Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Budget 2021 consists of 724 pages of platitudes.

Here's my take on some of the key issues and what Canada should do instead.

Budget 2021 Highlight: Providing Access to Vaccines

Issue: Prime Minister Trudeau and Dr. Tam have stated that 75% of Canadians must receive the COVID-19 jab prior to restrictions being reduced. Flu vaccine uptake in 2020-21 was only 40.4%.

Solutions: Call Texas Governor Greg Abbott. He reopened Texas on March 10th and things have worked out well.

Budget 2021 Highlight: Protecting our Seniors

Issue: Canada has the worst record for COVID-19 deaths in long-term care facilities among wealthy nations.

Solutions: Until those who own and operate these facilities (including publicly operated facilities) are held to account through criminal and civil penalties, nothing will change.

Budget 2021 Highlight: Strengthening our Health System

Issue: In 2019, Canada’s total health spending was expected to reach $265.5 billion. The actuals for 2020-21 will likely be significantly higher. Are we getting good value for our tax dollars?

Solutions: Canada’s health system is neither free nor well run. The single-payer system needs to be dismantled and private delivery methods introduced.

Budget 2021 Highlight: Supporting Mental Health

Issue: While a 3-digit hotline isn’t a bad idea, it doesn’t replace spending time with family, gainful employment and hope for a better future.

Solutions: Immediately end all non-pharmaceutical health measures that have been enacted in response to COVID-19. There is ample data from states such as Florida, Texas, South Dakota and others, that demonstrate that these measures have been ineffective at best, devastating at worst.

Budget 2021 Highlight: Investing in Research and Science

Issue: Poor planning and a reliance on China as a potential partner for COVID-19 treatments has left Canada behind other OECD countries re: reopening.

Solutions: Big government has not translated into an effective response to COVID-19. Any "investments" made by the government today will have little or no impact on the response to COVID-19. Instead, the government should focus on eliminating red tape to encourage bio-manufacturing companies to invest in Canada.

Budget 2021 Highlight: A Plan for the Safe Reopening of Our Borders

Issue: Trudeau's "quarantine hotel" program has been a disaster.

Solutions: Immediately end the quarantine hotel program. Borders should be reopened immediately. Our world is extremely inter-connected and industries such as travel, tourism and others cannot continue to survive given the current border restrictions.


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