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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Open Letter to the Twitter Mob

April 8, 2021


Red Deer – Mountain View, AB

There is dignity in work. There is purpose in a paycheque. There is hope in employment.

Small businesses. They are more than a building. More than an incorporation certificate or trade name. More than an extra tax filing requirement.

Small businesses are a vehicle of hope. They provide for families and bring communities together.

To those who attacked me for the following statement "All businesses are essential to the owners and workers who depend on them to provide for their families", I only ask one thing of you.

Go talk to a small business owner, the owner of a gym, restaurant or movie theatre. Go talk to an employee who has been laid off three times in the past year and can’t find work in 2021.

Ask them what the past year has been like.

Ask them what they've done to ensure their community and customers remain safe.

Small business owners aren't forced to keep their doors open. Employees aren't forced to go to work. Customers aren't forced to shop at these stores.

If all of these parties have weighed the inherent risks, and haven’t been coerced in any way, shouldn't they be able to freely act?

COVID-19 is real. But so are the impacts of lockdowns and isolation.


Jared Pilon

Libertarian Party Candidate for Red Deer – Mountain View, AB

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