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Canada Day

My grandparents immigrated to Canada after surviving the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

When they arrived in this country, they had very little. The work on the farming co-op was hard.

They received nothing from the government. But were blessed and welcomed by a country they now call home.

They were able to succeed and build a better life for themselves as they were free.

While they have retained their Dutch heritage, they are Canadians and embody the characteristics that Canadians are known for; hard-working, accepting and loving.

They would say that this is the greatest country in the world to live in and I would agree with them.

As seen in 2020, there are once again calls to cancel Canada Day this year.

We live in a time where society is judged by the actions of past generations.

Nothing is done in the present to right these wrongs and build a better future for those impacted.

Where leaders skirt responsibility and current failures are ignored in the name of progressivism.

Until this changes, this country won't change.

Is Canada a perfect country? No.

Do we have room for improvement? Always.

Are there significant and complex issues that we need to tackle? Yes.

But we only move forward if we remember our past, acknowledge the wrongs that have occurred and actively seek to make things better in the future.

Change comes from action, not platitudes.

Never let the media, radical activists or the political leaders of this country tell you that Canada isn't the best place in the world to raise a family.

Cancelling Canada Day achieves nothing.

You can't cure hate and division with more of the same. We need to save this country with love, peace and freedom.

We should come together on this national day of celebration to recognize all the good things that Canada has allowed us to achieve and as a place where millions of people, from differing backgrounds, have been able to succeed.

This Canada Day, let’s recommit to being true north strong and free.

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