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‘The Great Transition’

What have I been doing recently and where am I going next?

August 2, 2022

For the past two years, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. That’s what happens when you work two full time jobs. During the day, I assist my clients in the field of accounting, tax and estate planning. In my ‘free time’ I’ve worked hard to push back against government overreach in all forms.

Do I have any regrets? Not a single one. But I do need to work smarter, not harder.

With that said, I’m implementing the “Great Transition’.

No, I don’t have plans to steal your ID, your property, your liberty and make you eat bugs. I will leave those plans to Trudeau and his WEF handlers.

So what is the ‘Great Transition’? Moving forward, I will be working on transitioning my business and political advocacy into one. This includes a revamped website and social media pages.

I have realized over the past couple of years that my business principles are very closely tied to my political beliefs. I support freedom, families, free enterprise and Godly-faith based principles. These are important in both business and politics.

I plan to focus on expanding my accounting business network in the near future, while continuing to speak up on the important political issues that impact us today.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the past couple of years as I took the plunge into politics. It has been an honour and privilege getting to know so many great people and to fight side by side to preserve our freedoms and a better future for our children.

I am excited to focus on my accounting practice in the near term but will always hold fast to my promise that I made when I first decided to run as an candidate for Member of Parliament – ‘to stand up for Albertans not if I got elected but immediately and ongoing’.

If you’re in need of accounting, tax, estate planning or similar services, feel free to touch base via phone at 403-343-7707 or via email at or

See below for 'receipts' from some of the work I did early on in 2020 to push back against government overreach.

For additional info about my journey over the past couple of years, please visit my Facebook page ( and my website blog (


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