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“Government needs to respect the right of all parents to raise their children in the way they choose.”

As Canadians, we want the very best for our children. We also realize that parents are best equipped to support and love their children.

With this in mind, government needs to respect the right of all parents to raise their children the way they choose. This includes the right to:

  • Pass on religious beliefs

  • Instill family values

  • Decide on schooling

  • Restrict access to their children

  • Protect their child’s health


“Government is not the grantor of rights, rather the protector.”

Members of Parliament should respect and defend our rights in accordance with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Government policies should not interfere with the ability of individuals, families or the church to make decisions within their respective sphere of influence in a manner that they deem appropriate.

Individuals should be able to make decisions in accordance with their personal conscience.

Freedom of speech, the most important Charter Right, should be protected at all costs. If Canadians are able to freely express themselves, we are able to freely callout the problems we see in our country.

Government must protect our right to pursue gainful employment, even in the midst of a global pandemic. All businesses are essential to those who rely on it to provide for their families.

Our freedom of assembly must be protected as this ensures Canadians are able to fulfill one of the most important drivers of mental health, spending time with others.

Families should be able to participate in the difficult decisions that impact their children and government should consider and protect parental rights in legislative decisions.

Churches should be able to keep their doors open to provide services to their members and to the community.

Government should respect all religions and provide support to allow for religious facilities to operate safely and without fear of persecution.


“Government has an inherent duty to enact policies that protect its citizens and their liberty.”

Government has an inherent duty to enact policies that protect its citizens. The absence of safety and security leads to division, the breakdown of civil society and unrest.

Government policies should be reviewed to ensure that they have no negative impact on the least, the lost and the last. Additionally, Canadians should be encouraged to seek the dignity of work as this provides personal fulfillment and positive contributions to society.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed areas where government policy has woefully failed and must be immediately improved in order to better protect the vulnerable among us. Examples include:

  • More stringent regulations within long-term care facilities

  • Reinstituting funding to fight human-trafficking

  • Fulfilling commitments to end long-term boil water advisories on First Nation reserves

  • Supporting holistic treatment for those impacted by the opioid crisis

  • Providing wrap-around supports for veterans

  • Expand funding to pregnancy care centres


Providing hope for the most vulnerable should always be top of mind in society. Government can set the right tone through well-crafted policies and adequate supporting regulations.


“It is inappropriate for government to heap debt upon the backs of our children.”

It simply is not realistic to continue printing money. As our national debt continues to worsen, we run the risk of inflation, devalued currency and increasing interest rates. All of these factors would significantly worsen the financial situation for the majority of Canadians, making it harder for our economy to rebound.

Government needs to shift away from perpetual spending and taxing. Instead, finances must be handled with prudence and in accordance with a balanced budget. This requires an understanding of the scarcity of resources and the importance of maximizing value for every dollar spent.

Policies such as carbon tax and the proposed new Clean Fuel Standard need to be eliminated. Discussions around estate, wealth and principal residence taxes need to end. Investors, businesses and consumers are looking for confidence at this time. New or expanded taxes do not provide this.

Government needs to allow businesses to return to operation. Revenues from the private sector will be required to get us through the post pandemic period and more importantly, to tackle the significant debt that has been accumulated in the government’s response to COVID-19. We need increased investor fueled production and less debt driven consumption.


“Elected officials should learn from constituents at in person town hall meetings every month.”

“I was criticized for being too much concerned with the average Canadians. I can’t help that; I am one of them!”

~ John Diefenbaker, 13th Prime Minister of Canada.

Do you know who your Member of Parliament is? Have you ever spoken with him/her?

If you’ve answered no to either or both of these questions, does this seem concerning to you considering this person is supposed to represent your interests on the national and international stage?

For far too long now, Canada has been governed by those seeking to benefit themselves, their friends, connected insiders or their political party through the position of power they were elected to.

It is time for a change. Members of Parliament work for you. You are the boss!

If elected, I commit to holding at least one monthly in person town hall meeting. We need to get back to grassroots politics where you have the ability to speak with your elected representative on a regular basis.

Politicians shouldn’t promise to fix every one of your concerns. That’s not possible.

Rather they should promise to meet with you, listen to your concerns and work as hard as possible to get government out of the way so you can solve your concerns as efficiently as possible.

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