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What I Do


Estate Planning


New Business


Small Business Succession Planning


Business Sales


Government Regulations


Corporate Reorganization
& Tax Structuring

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Estate Planning

I am a designated trust and estate practitioner (TEP) of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, the leading international organization for trust and estate professionals.

I work with successful business owners and their legal teams to draft and settle family trusts with the unique preferences and objectives of my clients in mind.


New Business Relationships

Proper tax & legal structuring of new business ventures and relationships creates a solid foundation for future growth and provides for tax mitigation and savings opportunities.

I work with business owners and their advisors to provide tax advice and support in respect of the following important business relationships:

  • shareholder & partnership agreements

  • employee share ownership plans

  • private health service plans

  • independent contractor agreements

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Small Business Succession Planning

Business Succession with Family

I work with business owners and their families to meet their collective business succession objectives.


This may include the use of freeze structuring (with or without trusts) and may also include the implementation of a shareholder agreement to protect the interests of all parties.

Business Succession with Employees

I work with business owners and their employees to implement share option or share ownership structuring in conjunction with shareholder agreements in an effort to protect the new owners and the original owner-manager.

Business Succession with an Arm's Length Party

There are two vital options to consider when introducing an arm's length party into the business ownership structure - shareholder agreement and life insurance planning.

Insurance can be used to ultimately fund the shareholder agreement and provide for tax efficient transfer of the business upon passing of one of the shareholders.

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Business Sales

Tax Savings Opportunities

Business sale transactions are often complex and advanced planning can ensure that your business is correctly positioned to recognize significant tax savings when a sale opportunity presents itself.

Potential Opportunities to Consider

  • purifying and making use of the lifetime capital gains exemption

  • combining asset and share sale options to maximize sales price and owner tax savings

  • utilizing safe income, deferrals and reserves

  • securing capital gains and other preferential tax rate treatments

  • utilizing losses and other tax attributes within a corporate group

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Government Regulations

You work hard to grow and advance your business. This involves a strong commitment to managing all of the internal challenges that a business faces including, cash flow concerns, employee relationships, etc.

One of the biggest factors impacting businesses is government policy. As we have seen in recent years, government policy can either make or break a business.

I use my previous political experience to advocate for my small business clients to ensure your voice is being heard and that your business is able to operate in the most productive environment as possible.

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Corporate Reorganizations & Tax Structuring

Corporate Reorganization to Meet Your Needs

I work with business owners and their legal advisors to implement reorganization strategies to meet commercial objectives in a tax efficient manner.

Dividing Corporate Assets

Restructuring can include dividing corporate property among related or unrelated shareholders via 'butterfly transactions' on a tax deferred basis. This includes restructuring as a result of a matrimonial property division.

Holding Corporation

Depending on your unique situation and objectives, the inclusion of a holding corporation into the corporate group can produce tax savings, creditor protection and other advantages for your business.

Loss Utilization

If applicable, structuring can be completed within a corporate group to make use of losses within the group through application against profits or appreciated profits.

Reorganization of Share Capital

This type of restructuring can be completed in order to introduce new shareholders or to access income splitting options.

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