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Freedom Rally for our Children

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

UPDATE: November 26, 2021

The Freedom Rally for our Children is almost here! Here are the full details for this event:

- The rally will be officially kicking off at 2pm Saturday at the public park adjacent to the Pidherney Centre (downtown Red Deer). Please arrive early to allow time for parking and to have everyone together at the stage for the opening speeches at 2pm.

- There is a parking lot on the north side of the park with lots of stalls. Access is off of 48th Avenue and 43rd Street.

- Access to public washrooms is limited in the area, so it is highly recommended that you come with an empty bladder (skip that lunchtime coffee!).

- The forecast for Saturday is +2 degrees and partly cloudy, but any wind chill could quickly drop the temperature, so dress warm enough to be outside for several hours!

- The speeches will go until around 3pm, with a fantastic lineup of guest speakers that includes Cathryn Caruthers (Families for Choice), Sharon Fujczak (Alberta Educators for Human Rights), Carmen Scott (AB Educators) and Jared Pilon. Lani Rouillard (Lawyers 4 Truth) had to cancel as a family emergency came up.

- The freedom march will commence immediately after the speeches. The march will last close to 45 minutes. (The route can be found here:

- Please take lots of pictures and videos and forward to Jared Pilon via email at or via FB messenger as soon as possible after the rally.

- Bring your drums, horns, megaphones and speakers with high-vibe playlists for the march and LET'S GET LOUD!!


There is a rally against mandates happening on November 27th at 2pm at the Pidherney Centre in Red Deer, AB.

Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange (Red Deer North MLA), along with VIP guests & speakers will be attending a high tea event at the same location at 3pm.

This rally is not limited to those with kids in school. We encourage EVERYONE to come show support and help stand up against tyranny in the education system and in extracurricular activities.

Share this flyer and let’s get boots on the ground on the 27th!

Proposed schedule (subject to change as speakers are confirmed):

2:00pm Rally starts, welcome, housekeeping

2:10pm Singing of Oh Canada

2:15pm Speakers

Families for Choice - Cathryn Carruthers

Alberta Educators for Human Rights - Sharon Fujczak

Alberta Educators for Human Rights - Carmen Scott

Jared Pilon

Lawyers 4 Truth - Lani Rouillard (cancelled-family emergency)

3:00pm March through downtown Red Deer

3:45pm Rally ends

A form will be circulated at the rally that will enable parents, grandparents and any other concerned citizens to give their support for further action to be brought against municipal and provincial governments. Further details to come!


We have a couple of speakers lined up for the November 27th Freedom Rally for our Children but are looking for more!

If you are a doctor, nurse, teacher, daycare provider, mom, dad, grandparent or anyone else who wants to take a stand for our children, please reach out!

Feel free to contact us on Facebook, Instagram or via email at

Proud to announce that we will have speakers from Alberta Educators for Human Rights at the rally on Nov 27th!

You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and private chat groups on various social media platforms.

The group consists of Alberta educators who support human rights in schools for staff and students.

Huge thank you for standing up for the rights of our children!

Proud to announce that we will have speakers from Families for Choice at the rally on Nov 27th!

You can find them on Facebook & Telegram and at their website:

The group's mission is: "We are families, vaccinated and unvaccinated against COVID-19, united in our mission to safeguard the rights of families to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children against COVID-19. We profoundly believe that each family’s choice, however made, should not affect its children's ability to attend school or participate in extracurricular activities or organized sports. All children should be treated equally, regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status. COVID-19 vaccination status should never be a basis upon which to exclude or segregate children."

Huge thank you for standing up for the rights of our children!

In addition to the speakers at the rally, we will be coordinating a march through downtown Red Deer to raise awareness for our cause! This is the planned route and it is expected to take approximately 45 minutes.

UPDATE: November 22, 2021

You may have noticed the hashtag #WeHearYouHudson on the Nov 27th rally flyer.

This is Hudson's story.

What is your child's story?

Full interview with Hudson's Mom, Dr. Brandi Suva.

UPDATE: November 23, 2021

UPDATE: Nov 26/21 - Lani regrettably had to cancel as a family emergency came up. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family!

Proud to announce that we will have a speaker from Lawyers 4 Truth at the rally on Nov 27th!

You can find them on Facebook & Twitter and at their website:

Lawyers 4 Truth is a group of volunteer lawyers and other professionals, trying to assist where they can during these unprecedented times of government overreach. Each lawyer may be engaged formally and independent of Lawyers 4 Truth, on a case by case basis.

Huge thank you for standing up for the rights of our children!

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