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CALL TO ACTION: Provide the Proof

PLEASE share this action item with your contact lists.

On Jan 17 we are asking school trustees and other elected officials to provide the proof!

It’s time to hold them accountable for the sweeping mandates and measures they impose on our children, educators and staff.

Also CC to:

Send or schedule your email to be received by/on Monday Jan. 17 at 9am.

Or the letter has been summarized below:

Trustees and Elected Officials:

I am a concerned (parent, educator, citizen…) from your district and I have some questions for you today.

Recently, you have made decisions that were proclaimed to be in our children's best interest. For example, implementing rapid testing programs and mandatory masking at schools. However, since our provincial leaders and city officials only refer back to the WHO and CDC, they clearly have blind spots in their decision-making. We are asking you to consider the implications of these measures on our children, the next generation, as you are called to do. It is clear you have not researched any of the actual science or proof behind imposing these so-called “safety measures”.

I am calling upon you today to provide the proof that the following measures have strong efficacy and data behind their mandatory implementation:

- Proof/Evidence that masks prevent and reduce transmission of viruses

- Proof/Evidence that masks do not cause negative side effects

- Proof/Evidence that rapid antigen testing is conclusive and does not cause harm

- Proof/Evidence that persons not vaccinated against Covid-19 are causing more transmission than vaccinated individuals

- Proof/Evidence that vaccinations for Covid-19 prevent transmission What kind of educators would tell children to not question science? You were elected to your positions to help in raising our children and teaching them to question and be inquisitive. If you cannot provide the proof as requested above, I would ask you to question why the current policies are supporting these measures. Show us the proof! Show us the peer-reviewed studies! You must prove that these policies are effective and safe.

If you cannot provide the proof, you must advocate for these measures to stop!

If you cannot provide the proof, I am happy to share with you some of the evidence I have found in my own research.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Your Name

** Shared on behalf of Alberta Educators for Human Rights

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